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Management Essentials

Management Essentials is an in-depth look at the policies, practices, and procedures needed to be a successful manager at UT Austin. This program is ideal if you:

  • want to strengthen or refresh your management knowledge,
  • are new to management,
  • have management experience but want to learn the “UT way”,
  • would like to prepare for a future role in management.

“Management Essentials” Curriculum

Course Subject Areas Covered
Conflict Management Foundations (formerly Conflict 101: Understanding Conflict Dynamics for Managers and Supervisors - PN 545)
  • Managing conflict
Manager Tools for Responding to Distress and Disruption in the Workplace (PN 610)
  • Managing conflict
Managing People and Performance (PN 603)
  • Managing and measuring work
The Inclusive Workplace (PN 611)
  • Managing diversity
  • UT Austin policies & procedures
Supervisory Leave Policy Overview (PN 604)
  • UT Austin policies & procedures
Managing Compensation and Classification (PN 609)
  • UT Austin policies & procedures
Introduction to Workers' Compensation (formerly called Managing Workers’ Compensation for Supervisors - PN 605)
  • UT Austin policies & procedures
Hiring Talent for a Diverse Work Environment (PN 606)
  • Hiring and Staffing
  • Managing Diversity

Compliance and Ethics for Supervisors (CW 401)

  • Ethics & Values
  • UT Austin policies & procedures